Have you ever walked with four friends, rather, 2 couples and you’re staying behind them because that’s the only space for you on the side walk? Have you ever watched them hold hands, worry about each other, and kiss and smile and love?

All of you are walking down the side walk. There’s him and his girlfriend, and then there’s her and her boyfriend, and then there’s you in the back listening to the chatter of the love birds.

Maybe you’re just not the relationship type. Relationship type? You mean the type who never loves and gets no love in return? No, that can’t be it.

Maybe you get bummed out like this because all of your friends are in relationships, the television is yelling at you to find love at Match.com, your computer is brofisting you with an advertisement for “hot singles in your area”, and your Mom is wondering of you’re in the closet because you haven’t had a girlfriend sense you were a sophomore in high school… And now you’re 20.

No worries though; you’ll meet someone and it’ll be worth the wait! Right?

Meet someone? You’ve met everyone in your small town and all the towns surrounding it and there’s no chance in leaving. The only girls who seem to like you are strangers on the internet who live miles away from you. And no, you won’t earn enough money to fly or drive to them so get that idea out of your head.

Maybe in another 5 years or so when you’re 25 you’ll meet someone. You know, 25: half way to 50 which is more than half way dead.

Be optimistic!